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Truck Driving Jobs - If You Have Been Considering...

a career change, you may want to seriously consider a big rig truck driving job. Why? According to ATA, there is an incredible shortfall of truckers to fill the growing demand for truck driving jobs, and it is only getting worse! ATA estimates a shortfall of 30,000 truck drivers. Seriously!

The trucking industry is growing daily and becoming more widespread nationally and internationally. It continues to serve as the transportation carrier of choice for many businesses, especially small businesses and entrepreneurs, who depend on package express carriers to meet their logistics and transportation requirements.

This is great news for anyone who has lost their job due to downsizing or has been displaced by technology in their job. Based on the simple law of supply and demand, the truck driving jobs marketplace will thrive into the foreseeable future. As a result, major trucking companies are committed to increasing truck drivers salaries and benefits programs to attract new and highly motivated truckers to meet their demand.

Truck-Driver-Jobs-Online.com is your online source to learn key strategies and insight into how to land the best truck driving jobs at the best trucking companies before you visit their Web sites. You will find several career resources that should help prepare you before you visit trucking company web sites.

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Recently, we personally surveyed a significant number of professional truck drivers. We asked them a series of questions regarding their truck driving jobs and asked them to rank their jobs and the companies they work for to determine a list of the top trucking companies. As voted by your peers, here are the top trucking companies hiring listed in alphabetical order.

The resources on Truck-Driver-Jobs-Online.com helped me land the big rig truck driving job I have always dreamed about. Thank you very much!

- David White, Little Rock, AR

 Thanks to Truck-Driver-Jobs-Online.com, I am now an independent owner operator. I enjoy much home time with my family. I strongly recommend signing up for their newsletter. It helped me create my plan to gain my independence on my terms. Thank you so much!

- Mary Smith, Denver, CO