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If You Have Ever Been Blessed....

  to know a truck driver personally or professionally through involvement in the heavy duty truck industry, I know you will understand why I have a special place in my heart for truck drivers and their families. Over the road truck driving jobs are difficult, stressful and tough on your family.

Personally, I was VERY blessed to have meet hundreds of truck drivers over the years. For whatever reason God decided he wanted me in the automotive industry for the last twenty five years, so perhaps that might explain why I seemed to cross paths often with truck drivers.

i have a great affection for the great men and women in careers that move the goods and services that we all consume on a daily basis.

Truck Driver JobsOften overworked and underpaid, truck drivers are the heart and soul of our economy in this greatest nation on God's green earth. Did you know the motor carrier industry of today moves more than 75% of the nation's economic product, employs more than 7 million people and pays more than $20 billion in annual taxes? is your online source to learn key strategies and insight into the best truck driving jobs at the best trucking companies before you visit their websites. You will find several career resource articles that should help prepare you before you visit trucking company websites.

Recently, we took a non-scientific survey of a significant number of professional truck drivers. We asked them a series of questions regarding their truck driving jobs and asked them to rank their jobs and the companies they work for to determine a list of the top trucking companies. As voted by your peers, here are the top companies listed in alphabetical order.

The Best Trucking Companies Are Hiring Now!

1. Con-way Trucking offers some of the most exciting and rewarding career opportunities available in the freight transportation and logistics industries. When comparing compensation packages from different trucking companies even those that would consider themselves among the elite of professional truck drivers need a little reminder now and then. Our research has indicated that Conway Trucking would be an interesting career opportunity based on the these five critical areas that may be of interest to you.

2. C.R. England Trucking is a family owned business that was founded in 1920 by C. R. England. A solid company that has been in business for 87 years, and is the nations largest refrigerated carrier. They have grown substantially over the years and now operates more than 3500 trucks and transports 10,000 loads per week. An ever growing list of satisfied and prestigious customers have chosen C.R. England to move their goods across this greatest nation on God's green earth. Here are 5 great reasons to consider a career with C.R. England Trucking.

3. JB Hunt Transportation. If you're looking for a truck driving job with one of the most reputable trucking companies in the industry, then look no further than J.B. Hunt. With industry-leading wages, a comprehensive benefits package, and an environment that promotes and is focused on safety, J.B. Hunt offers the stability you need to keep your focus on the road, and not on your wallet.

4. Roadway Express. In the world of LTL Trucking Jobs, Roadway considered by many LTL truck drivers to be one of the best truck driving jobs found anywhere in this greatest nation on God's green earth. As someone who has spent a lifetime in the field of human resources with many national and international companies, I have reviewed all aspects of the company's approach to recruiting and staffing and come up with 5 essential facts why professional truck drivers should consider a career with Roadway Transportation.

5. Schneider National. Schneider National is now hiring quality individuals interested in over-the-road, bulk tanker, dedicated, team and inter modal (short-haul) truck driver jobs. Priority is given to those with truck driving experience but, they will also accept individuals with high integrity and little or no truck driving experience and graduates from other truck driving schools. You can find out more on the Schneider National Career Page.

6. Trans Am Trucking. TransAm Trucking pays the highest gross annual pay in the industry. Period. They give you an excellent cent-per-mile pay scale, and the miles you need to achieve your earning potential. Trans Am readily seeks out high quality, professional truck drivers interested in over-the-road, bulk (tanker), dedicated, team and inter modal (short-haul) truck driver jobs. You can find out more at our Trans Am Trucking Careers 

7. Yellow Freight. Well, You've Seen Yellow Freight trucks on the road, but you may not realize that a tremendous amount happens behind the scenes to satisfy yellow freight customers and make each delivery possible. As a result, Yellow Freight offers some of the best truck driving jobs available in the United States and Canada. Find out more at our Yellow Freight career page.

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It is the dream of most truck drivers to become a successful Independent owner operator. Truck Drivers usually start their career as an an employee. Eventually, they strive to become an independent owner operator. You can find more information on how to manage a successful owner operator career at Owner Operators - Strategies For Success where independent owner operators share their keys to success.